jay guides in the soularity method

Dreamworking with a motivated peer group creates a catalyst for transpersonal discovery and change. Beginning with simple, proven techniques which validate the individual while destigmatizing dream sharing, the umbrella of Soularity DreamCraft assert personal experience over socially reinforced constructs of meanings and values.
Jay is far from the founder of any technique or method. Rather, he is attempting to organize nearly innumerable methods into purpose-ready formats for those who are curious about these daily episodes of conscious activity with too few ways of describing them. Think about it: water takes so many forms, and rightly is given plenty of synonyms to describe the changes in quality. The word dream is itself loaded with cultural baggage.
The dreamer is always the gateway to understanding. The guide is merely the keeper of tools which connect comprehending correlations together, thereby crafting a deepened relationship for all within the experience of a shared dream. There are no symbol dictionaries, no certain meanings, no absolutes.
Soularity DreamCraft is offering seminars on a variety of topics and will be adding expanded offerings in the near future. Jay is also making appearances on upcoming podcasts, which will be linked after release. Current offerings are available on the Soularity website, and individual consultations are available.

Dreams are the Decentralized Study of Consciousness for Everyone.

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